3/21 morning diagnostics report.

🟣Ana: I can always tell when the oven has been left on in the other room, even when nobody else in the room seems to be able to notice. In this case, it was actually the coffeemaker, or the hotplate that keeps the pot warm specifically. But ovens and stoves and heaters and other electronic warming devices work the same way. They have two states: on, and off.

but they can't be always on! Otherwise they would just keep getting hotter and hotter until they burn themselves out. So a thermostat keeps track of how warm it is and turns the element on and off to regulate the temperature, simple enough. Whenever the thermostat turns the heating element on or off, it makes a sound.

it's not a very loud sound. It doesn't happen very frequently, and it's not rhythmic; just a single, solitary, soft click! Most people miss it, but for some reason I always notice it and my oven doesn't get left on too long.

🟣Lysis: was there a moral to that story?

🟣Ana: I don't know. Maybe it's a lesson from God? I don't have all the keys yet. What's the report?

🟣Lysis: well, besides the coffeepot thing, you and morrigan had a bit of a scuffle. How did that go?

🟣Ana: he interrupted my meditation, but I guess I kind of challenged him yesterday. “I'll give you something to rebel against” or whatever I said.

🟣Lysis: but why did he interrupt? He didn't like where your thoughts were straying.

🔴morrigan: push and pull, Lysis, push and pull. Isn't that how it works?

🟣Ana: I think he has a point. We have our roles, and he has his role. To rebel against my rule, to challenge my authority. Otherwise, how can my authority be legitimate?

🔴morrigan: khehehe oh now you're really getting into it, “Phantom Queen”.

🟣Ana: I don't think you're going to leave me any other option, are you darling? Anyway, don't interrupt my morning meditation again, please. We can handle our scuffles here in the after-report.

🟣Lysis: I think we have to wrap this report up now. Glad you two seem to have sorted out your deal, whatever it is. malady, did you want to add anything before we go?

🟢mal: cofffeeeee

[POSTSCRIPT] (can I even put a horizontal rule here? we'll find out) (hey, it worked!) 🟣Ana: somehow, the hotplate story actually does make a lot more sense after writing the rest of this report. Weird how that works sometimes.