3/22 afternoon diagnostics report.

🟣Ana: Mondays and Tuesdays are my early shifts, so there's not much time to meditate before work. I've never really been much of a “morning person” as they say, but I actually enjoy my morning shifts. For one, it's a break from the usual work routine, which helps stave off the ever-looming burnout.

there are fewer customers to deal with in the mornings too, so I can just keep my head down and focus on my work. But obviously the best part about morning shifts is getting off early and having the rest of the afternoon free. Normally there's no sunlight left by the time I clock off, and I hate that.

so to make up for the fact that I have less time to meditate in the mornings, I think what I'll do instead is use (at least) one of my two morning shifts to find a cozy spot outdoors somewhere to meditate, to get back in touch with my father the Sun and my mother the Earth on a regular, weekly basis. Today I just went to the park right next to the store I work at.

I walked through a shady patch of trees while trying to find a cozy spot in the sun, and there was a murder of crows hanging out there. Coincidentally, I happened to have some of my magic peanuts in the car, so I brought them with me to toss to the crows. I'll have to remember to bring some more with me next week.

we cut our meditation a little bit short because even though it was sunny, there was a breeze picking up and it was giving us a bad chill, but it was a nice meditation all the same. Afterwards, morrigan took us out on that date he promised waayyyy back before the pandemic closed everything down for a while. We were exhausted from our morning shift, so it was hard to enjoy ourselves, but it was nice. :>