8/22 morning diagnostics report.

🟣Ana: oh how it's been far too long since the last time we sat down to write a diagnostics report. When we started this practice, the goal was to meditate for at least fifteen minutes daily, and then jot down whatever thoughts we had afterwards. It's hard for us to keep a habit though, especially when our mental health is declining, and oh how it has been over the last few months.

but something has to change eventually. Ideally, many changes which all support each other. We started this morning by making breakfast—something we don't usually do. Normally we just buy an energy drink and an energy bar (or, lately, just a piece of cheese) when we get to work and eat them before clocking on.

having food in the morning when we get up will give us the energy to actually do things in the morning before work, not to mention that eating healthy is critical to having a healthy mind—after all, the brain is an organ of the body like any other, and it gets all its energy and nutrients from the food we eat. We have a terrible habit of neglecting our physical needs, something morrigan in particular has been getting on our case about.

he wants to be strong. I don't care so much about that, but I do care about being able to keep a regular routine and having good mental health. Healthy body, healthy mind. So after breakfast, we did some light exercise (we still need to do a lot of research on that, since all we really know how to do are basic things like pushup and situps, but we got our blood pumping and that's a good first step) and then we went outside to do our morning meditation.

we started by drawing a tarot card: Ten of Swords, a surprisingly common card for us. Usually a bad sign but we'll see what happens. In the middle of our meditation we met a racoon. He was just hanging out by the fence. He's missing his tail for some reason, maybe lost it in a fight. Poor thing, but he's still hanging in there. Good for him.

after our meditation we did a short prayer. Often we like to direct our prayers to the sun, but it's a cloudy day today. It was also pretty windy, and we were listening to the wind blow through while we meditated, so we decided to pray to the winds this morning instead. Now we're feeling pretty good physically, mentally, and spiritually.

just have to keep it up.