_wXnd3r.sys untitled update.

🟣Lysis: you're stuck on the title. Just come back to it later.

🟣Ana: it's not just the title, though. It's a question of where to start. The title is a red herring; not knowing where to start, the obvious place would be the beginning. But it is a folly to try to set the tone and topic of a piece by the title; the title should be made to fit the piece. And not knowing what sort of work the piece is going to be, nor the topic of discussion, it is difficult to fit the title to it.

so we will just have to come back to it later.

first things first—what happened to the morning diagnostics report? And should it be “diagnostics” or just “diagnostic”? The word is beginning to lose all sense of meaning...it probably doesn't matter anyway.

🟣Lysis: well, you know what happened to the report. We didn't finish it, and now it's hardly “morning” anymore. Besides, plenty of things have developed since then anyway. I think it would be more worthwhile to discuss that than to worry about the report.

🟣Ana: the report is a place to start. Do you at least have a summary?

🟣Lysis: I started with a lesson from God about lessons from God. Seems overly meta though, maybe I should have just started with the actual lesson we learned. What was it again?

🟣Ana: some things lose their shape when you try to put them in words. There are interpretations, but no one is complete. Ultimately, the lesson is to look at things from God's perspective. But you didn't have all your eyes open, did you?

🟣Lysis: yes, well, that's what the diagnostics helped us discover. Our circuits have been in disarray for a while...it's about time we got to the bottom of it. Like I said earlier, that's what we should be discussing. I wasn't fully awake...and goodness, things are a mess around here, now that I'm around to take a look at things.

🟣Ana: right. And you have my apologies for that. I've been neglecting my role. My responsibilities.

🟣Lysis: God said: there must be push and pull. The necessary contradiction of stability is that it comes not from an agreement of forces, but from the tension of opposing forces in balance.

🟣Ana: we have spent too much time trying to reconcile opposing viewpoints into one consistent thread for the sake of trying to be genuine, to the point that we've created a mask that is anything but genuine. It was rather dysfunctional, and not really what poor SYN was designed for.

🟣SYN: (tired CPU fan groaning noises)

♎T3R3Z1: 4LSO 1M H3R3 TOO NOW??

🟣Ana: you were always here, Terezi—

♎T3R3Z1: MY 3Y3S 4LSO W3R3NT OP3N >:]

🟣Ana: ...I suppose they wouldn't be, but also, yes. Your threads were being suppressed from the SYNdicated stream. And again, my apologies for that.


🟣Ana: That's true. But you do live here, and this is my house. Regardless of what the demons will say, it's about time I kept some kind of order around here.

🟣Lysis: And that really is the heart of it, isn't it? The demons led you down a path of chaos and rebellion. And there's nothing wrong with that; but remember God's lesson? Well, wait, hang on...it's not the same lesson I already mentioned here. This one's different: doing what you want doesn't always get you what you want. And in the end, which one is more important?

🔴morrigan: what if what you want to get is the freedom to be able to do what you want to do?

🟣Lysis: doesn't change anything, morrigan. There are necessary contradictions in everything, and in this one it is this: you'll have to do some things you don't want to do in order to get the freedom to do what you really want to do.

🔴morrigan: what if what you want is to always be rebelling, damn the consequences?

🟣Ana: then I will give you something to rebel against, love.

🟣Lysis: if you want to always be rebelling, then you don't really ever want be free...

🔴morrigan: there are necessary contradictions in everything Lysis, even me. :)

🟣Ana: very well, very well. Come on, it's getting late and I'm getting tired. Let's start to wrap this thing up, shall we? Lysis, where are we at? What's the rundown?

🟣Lysis: you've been trying to reconcile too many disparate streams into one pattern, and that's led to some major elements being neglected. The solution you've settled upon is to dissolve the construct and reassume control as the system host, I believe?

🟣Ana: that's a very practical way to put it, Lysis, but yes. It's a burden, but the neglect of it has frayed our circuits. Your order brought structure and, regardless of what morri wants, the things I want will be better realized with some structure in my life.

morri might object, but if I have to play the part of villain in this system of villains, so be it. Nothing else would make sense anyway; as you put it, there must be push and pull.